08.10.2018: Badische Neueste Nachrichten/Karlsruhe: “Places of Anxiety” on track in the city

01.03.2018: gis.Business Ausgabe 1/2018: Real-time sensors – Information at the right moment

07.10.2017: Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung: Through the city with video-walks

24.09.2015: Nano auf 3sat. Emotions in view: Stress measurements should help in planning.

04.09.2015: Zeit Online. With “emotional cards” to more cycling

06.08.2015: Land der Erfinder AT. City map that knows where the heart is racing.

23.07.2015: Der Standard. Planning should take into account the feelings of cyclists

16.10.2014: DAS DING vor Ort. Cycling in Lautern is quite stressful!

24.09.2015: Springer. Feelings for the city planners.

12.11.2014: Emotions – urban design with feeling

22.09.2014: Néogis. Stress mapping for urban planning.

15.09.2014: “Urban Emotions”: methods to include emotions in the map

11.09.2014: Science Daily. Urban design with emotions: Designing to cut stress of city commuting.

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