We need your help: For our Urban Emotions project we are looking for “The Good”, beautiful situations and places in the city, but also for the “Bad” and “Ugly”, corners in the city, the ones which are not really beautiful, but just “bad and ugly”. But how do we get these examples? And above all, how can we get examples from all over the world? Crowdsourcing is the magic word: we need your help for our experiment! We want our subjects to experience your 360 ° photos on the Oculus Rift! Because the question is: Can we measure beauty or ugliness?


What do we need?

In each case a “Spherical Photo”, or simply about 60 photos, which we can then put together to form a spherical photo. You only have to turn around slowly in a circle up to 4-5 times and take overlapping photos (single images). Please do not forget the lid (sky) and the ground! We’ll do the rest. It would be perfect if you could do this in a “good” place and a “ugly one” (further information below).

Auf Horizonthöhe (1) anfangen, dann am besten die (2) und (3), danach die untere Hälfte mit (4) und (5). Aufpassen, dass der ganze Himmel und der Boden fotografiert wird.

Tip: Start in the middle with a row, then add two rows above, maybe 2-3 photos just for the “lid” on top of it, then repeat with row 4 slightly below the horitzont, after that row 5 underneath, and as a bonus 4-5 “ground” photos of the area where you stand. This prevents the formation of HOLES during later assembly.


What do you get?

As a “thank you” we send you the uncompressed, high-resolution 360 ° photo back (they are around 250mb and are suitable for a poster print). Alternatively, a “small planet” projection is also possible. In addition, we will publish the images under naming the author as a 360 ° video in our Urban Emotions Channel. Furthermore, we would also include them in the long “Urban Emotion goes VR” experiment film, which serves as the basis for biostatic monitoring. That’s why we really need the ugly!


Where and how to send?

Please send your cityspace by wetransfer to good-bad-ugly(a)urban-emotions.de. In addition, we would ask you to fill out the following profile (txt-file) and send it with your pictures.



Q: Portrait or Landscape?

A: Portrait has proven to be more practical.


Q: Do I always have to take a single picture?

A: Please always take a single picture. With continuous shooting as well as with the panorama software supplied by the photo apps, blurred images are created in the software.


Q: What does “spinning in a circle” mean?

A: It is best to fix a point of view on the ground, turn “on this axis”, and take the respective photos as single images.


Q: What software do you use?

A: Autopano Giga, you can try it in demo mode (with watermark).