“Virtual and Augmented Reality in Architecture and Urban Design” is a cooperative project of Urban District Planning and Building Lifecycle Management at KIT Karslruhe. The core idea: How can architects with simple means and a consistent workflow review their models in the draft and make the result even for the layman experienceable? Students and scientists working in the fields of Building Lifecycle Management (BLM) and Urban District Planning (STQP) in the summer of 2018 addressed this issue in an interdisciplinary seminar. In this seminar, Ivonne Zelling, Volker Koch and Peter Zeile experimented interdisciplinarily for the first time how future architects and urban planners could integrate these new immersive technologies and methods into their work environment.

Black Diamond from Nils Machowski on Vimeo.

VR Applications Virtual reality applications are already diverse: pilots are being trained in flight simulators, and physicians in virtual programs for operations, furniture companies are using their furniture in the real environment as a means of distribution, the auto industry is developing prototypes of semi-virtual models and saving thus millions of euros. The digital planning methods have also arrived in the construction industry. Room perception and planning are checked or simulated, real estate agents use the virtual world as a space and time-independent way to visit the building with their customers.

WAFFLEPAVILLON AM MARKT from Stefan Scheid on Vimeo.

Based on the knowledge acquired in the lectures of the seminar, the students developed their own projects for the application of VR / AR techniques. Selected results will be presented within the scope of the annual exhibition of the architecture faculty “Reinschauen”.

VR_SS18_video from Djahan on Vimeo.

Some photographic results of the seminar compared. Click on the picture to get to the next one!


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